Do away with guesswork in
OOH advertising…

We keep innovating and rewriting the rules of OOH advertising to help our clients keep pace with the fast-changing market and connect better with their target audiences. Through the use of real time intelligence on consumers & data science, ensure positive business outcomes and from campaigns.

Changing the game with MACE

By gathering and analysing relevant data about target audience behavior, MACE provides powerful insights that enable brands to reach wider audiences, improve engagement and maximize conversions and ROI. To this end, MACE gathers relevant data on catchment areas, visitation trends, dwell time at different destinations, home and office locations, brand preferences, real world interests, geosocial behavior, travel distances and routes, among others.

We offer neoteric, end-to-end, data-driven and result-oriented OOH advertising and brand strategy services to our clients. Our experts leverage data science and other best-in-breed technologies to build winning OOH campaigns.

Strategy & Approach

We understand your brand and build customized, data-driven strategies that work for you, enabling you to hit the ground running and drive unmatched returns.

Media Buying

We buy and maintain a strong OOH media inventory across the spectrum including the digital to seamlessly integrate your campaign for your money’s worth.


We leverage our seasoned expertise to pre-emptively address execution-level problems to flawlessly execute your OOH campaign and galvanize quick customer action.


Our experienced on-ground staff, diligently monitor and supervise the efficient execution of OOH campaigns and promptly troubleshoot unforeseen issues.


Leveraging data science, engineering technology and futuristic ideas, we continuously innovate our strategies, processes and approaches to build winning OOH campaigns.

Why Say it Loud?

Say it Loud is trusted by the most trusted brands of India for delivering powerful and competitively priced OOH advertising campaigns. We design, develop and execute campaigns with an eye on the results and don’t stop until we have achieved the desired outcomes.


Expert Implementation

Our team of seasoned professionals leverage their combined expertise to enable clients to amplify their brand voice amid the ever-increasing clutter.


High-Impact Locations & Formats

We map the most strategic locations and most impactful formats to help you reach the right audiences and ensure breakthrough results for you.


Eye-Catching Campaigns

Insights on consumer behaviour & RWB enable us to recommend innovations in creatives and contextual placements to leverage maximum attention for our campaigns

Measurability of Results

We leverage data science to plan, execute and reliably measure the effectiveness of OOH campaigns, enabling you to maximize value.